Fascinating Bicfalău

Bicfalău, situated in the south-eastern corner of historical Transylvania, at the foot of the Buzău Mountains, deserves special attention not only due to its picturesque location and natural beauty, but also for its characteristic and unique built heritage, the Reformed fortified church built in the 15th century and 36 small nobility mansions. This village still reflects the former social structure and role in border defence of the region, as for centuries it was populated by free Szeklers doing military service, who in exchange for border defence received tax exemption and autonomy from the Hungarian king iconvert.

This specific historical background is mostly reflected in the set structure and architecture of the village, as there is an outstanding number of smaller or larger mansions with porches, made of stone, situated on spacious estates, which used to be the homes of the former, check 5 diamonds blackjack askbetting.info so-called “lófő”, free Szekler noblemen. These are small-sized dwelling houses with a special atmosphere, a great part of which was built in the 17-18th centuries; they gained their present shape at the beginning of the 19th century. Check pinstaporn.com.

Besides the mansions and 19th century middle-class buildings, the charm of Bicfalău is provided by the unique combination of the wonderful natural environment, the old trees, spacious orchards and old outbuildings of the large estates, the small paths resulting from the set structure, streams, board fences, cozy dwelling houses, and small cottar houses with shingles. The village has a real late Renaissance, early Baroque atmosphere, it is worthy of the title UNESCO World Heritage.

Under the coordination of the Transylvanian Art and Heritage Association from Bicfalău a village image protection programme has been launched in the village; besides, the settlement is involved in an international nature art movement, hosting several international contemporary art camps for get Oak Park Financial same day loans no credit.

The spirit of the place attracts tourists longing for authentic regions and relaxation; they visit with great interest the permanent exhibition of local history and ethnographic collection, the smithery, the workshops of stove tile manufacture, pottery, folk children’s toy and musical instrument manufacture; they actively take part in the early music festival annually organized by the Bikkmakk Cultural Association.

Walking among centuries-old mansions in Bicfalău, the tourists can experience the charm of the old world, they can get a taste of local flavours in the four high quality pensions, they can get to know the chimney cake, the real Székely brandy and the Székely cabbage casserole. Adventure lovers can try out horse riding, cycling or they can walk along marked hiking trails in the woods of Bicfalău, visiting the remnants of the medieval watchtower, the fort of Csiga. Sports lovers can find a high quality and well equipped sports centre in the settlement.

Bicfalău village disposes of a strategic place in terms of tourism, as it is situated 35 km from Bran (Dracula) castle, 25 km from Braşov, 8 km from the Saxon fortified church in Prejmer which is on the UNESCO list, 12 km from the Natura 2000 protected nature-geographical sand dune area unique in Eastern Europe, and 50 km from the only lake of volcanic origin, Saint Anne Lake.

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